How to change pages to landscape on mac

Pages ’09 Hacks: Insert pages at landscape format

Or you can just right click the page to be rotated and choose "Rotate Page". Get from App Store. Get it on Google Play. Tech Specs. Free Trial.

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Audrey Goodwin chief Editor. Was this page helpful? Yes No. If your printer stacks the output back-to-front, you can still have your pages print in the correct order.

How To Rotate Just One Page Of A Word Document

Follow these steps to print a document that begins with the last page. Under Print options , select the Reverse print order check box. On the Layout tab, click Orientation , and then click Portrait or Landscape. Next to Apply to , click This point forward. Next to Orientation , click the orientation you want, and then click OK.

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Next to Apply to , click Selected text , and then click OK. Learn how to add section breaks.

Microsoft Word for Dissertations

Next to Apply to , click This section , and then click OK. Print the background when you print a document. Insert, delete, or change a section break. Print a document. Change paper size. Move, rotate, or group a picture, text box, or other object.

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On the Printer pop-up menu, select the printer that you want. Select the options that you want, such as the number of pages or which pages you want to print, and then click Print. Click Page Range , and then in the Page Range box, do one of the following:. Type the page numbers with commas between numbers or with a hyphen between the starting and ending numbers in the range. Type an s followed by the section number, type a comma, and then type an s followed by the next section number.

Method 2: Without Manually Inserting Section Breaks

Type the range in the following format: p n s n -p n s n , where p is in front of the page number and s is in front of the section number. For example, to print from page 2 in section 3 through page 3 in section 5, type p2s3-p3s5. You can usually learn whether your printer supports duplex printing either by looking at the information that was included with the printer or by looking at the printer's properties. Some printers offer the option of automatically printing on both sides of a sheet of paper automatic duplex printing.

Other printers provide instructions so that you can manually reinsert pages to print the second side manual duplex printing. Some printers do not offer duplex printing at all. Then, on the Two-Sided pop-up menu, make sure that Off is not selected. Go to it if you want to get into all the details of Page Setup in one place. Margins , Paper , Layout , all right here. On the Margins tab, under Orientation , click Landscape.

Then, go down here and click the arrow next to Apply to , and choose Selected text. Now the only thing that will change to landscape is the selected text. Click OK. The table is now in landscape orientation on its own page, and when we scroll to another page, you can see that the rest of the document is still in portrait orientation.

Now we can go back to the table and adjust the column widths to stretch the table out to fit nicely on the page. So, what exactly is going on here?

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When we applied landscape to just the selected text, Word added section breaks before and after the table. This placed the table in its own section, on a page by itself. Then, Word was able to change just that page to landscape.

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  4. By the way, section breaks also allow you to change the margins on the landscape pages without affecting the rest of the document. Then, go down to Section Breaks and click Next Page. After you use multiple page orientations and margins to create the frames for your document, you can think about the best way to lay out your content within the frames.