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Behind the version field is a radio button showing the text Keep. In case the update server offers a newer version of the mod-pack, this button allows you to keep an already installed version until you decide to upgrade.


This allows you to play with an older version until you think it is safe to upgrade. Also, when you first install a variant and select an older version, the launcher will automatically activate the Keep button.

Sildurs Shader Mod: So pimpen Sie die Minecraft Grafik

Once installed, you cannot downgrade a given version of the mod-pack just not supported. In case you want to check if an upgrade will be successful considering an upgrade of a world you have used in an older version , then create a backup first: Copy the game folder see above to a save location. If you decide to keep the older version then copy the backup back to its original location and set the tick to Keep this version.

This field displays the name of the profile which is also the default name of the game directory see Section Directories. The name of the profile always consists of the prefix LitWR. When you share your Minecraft installation with the LitWR launcher, this profile will also show up in the Minecraft launcher and you can safely start LitWR from there too.

By default the launcher suggests a location for the game directory in its local folder. You can chose a different location for the game directory here. In this case, please note that the game directory is specific for the selected game variant and version. Do not use the same game directory for different variants.

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If you select an existing directory, the launcher will detect the version but not its variant. This field contains the arguments which will be given to Java during start of the Minecraft client. When a game variant has been selected for the first time, the launcher analyses your hardware and adjusts these arguments to optimise performance. JVM arguments have significant impact on the performance and can cause the game to crash or not start at all. You can always reset these arguments by clicking the Reset button below.

Shader pack and some of the mods are optional and require a seperate download. Thus they have got its own section on the config page. Optional features include a shader and the mods ShaderModCore and OptiFine to make the shader work, but also the mod DynamicLights, which lets torches emit light while holding them in your hand. If one of those optional features is selected, the installation process will require you to download some packages through your Internet browser.

But don't worry, the launcher will guide you and you will basically just have to click buttons and links.

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Features can be enabled or disabled which results in either installation or deinstallation. A click on this button will then execute the required operations to apply the changes. This field generally allows you to select one of the supported shaders or those shaders, you have manually installed. The list of shaders is ordered by performance impact.

The topmost are the lightest and the bottommost reduce FPS more. The empty field, or field none or internal represent Minecraft vanilla shading, i. When selecting a custom shader for the first, the launcher will automatically add all optional features as well. The ShadersMod is required by all shaders.

Other features can be turned off in case your game runs better without them. To support the Streams mod generates flowing rivers shaders are getting patched during the start of the Minecraft client. We have added patches for Sildur's shaders only, which is the main reason why we support just Sildur's shaders. You can always add other shaders, but they will not shade streams unless you add patches for them as well. Refer to Section Shader Patching in order to learn how you can add support for your shader.

Activation of shaders is twofold: It makes your game look prettier at least for most people but it reduces frames per second and game performance in general. Reduced FPS can cause motion sickness for some people, which you may experience as getting more or less dizzy. It is not dangerous but uncomfortable. We tried to find good general settings for the shaders we support but you may still have to adjust them for your system. If this is getting to fiddly or impossible, then just unselect the shader.

MAC Shaders Mod

In this case refer to the FAQ to solve them. If this tick is set, the launcher will install the Shaders Mod which is required for all shaders. In case a custom shader is selected, this tick will be automatically set. This is a mod, which lets items emit light, even when you hold them in your hands wear them on your head or drop them on the floor.

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Downside is, that it can be quite resource intensive. The reset button resets the JVM arguments and the Shader to its default settings. In case of the JVM arguments, that means that the launcher will reassess your hardware which might come handy in case you have added memory for example.

Please note that there is another configuration litwr-launcher. If the configuration file does not exist, it is created at the first start of the Minecraft launcher and populated with default values. The configuration file may contain the following properties:. Based on block IDs, shaders decide which function they apply to shade blocks. For example many shaders differentiate between plants and solid blocks and manipulate the shape of plants to let them look like they are waving in the wind. Another example are water blocks which are shaded differently to apply reflections to the water surface.

Obviously, the shader can't shade blocks properly if it does not know the given block ID. Streams is a mod, which adds flowing rivers. To visualise the flow, streams adds a bunch of new blocks. Because those new blocks are unknown to the shader, they are not shaded. A practical approach to solve this issue is, to determine the missing block IDs and add them to the branch, where the shader decides whether a block is water or not. Unfortunately, the IDs of blocks introduced by mods, are issued dynamically by the mod loader i.

Thus, in different installations of the same mod, the IDs of its introduced blocks may be different. This means, the modifications made to the shader in one installation will not work in another installation. To overcome this issue, the helper mod of LitWR introduces a functionality to patch shaders at the start of the client using a preprocessor. The preprocessor scans so-called shader patch template files for specific preprocessor statements and exchanges them by dynamically generated strings based on the installation and environment of the running Minecraft client instance.

Patch template files are shader files which contain modifications in respect to the original shader file. Drag and drop the contents of the OptiFine folder into the jar. Drag the Waving Plants Shaders into the folder. Configuration: 1. Unzip the Waving Plants folder. Unzip the Waving Plants. Unzip the shaders that you are using 3. Create a folder called ctm inside the texture pack that you are using. Create a folder called default inside the ctm folder. Download this and place it inside the default folder.

Sildur's Shaders for Minecraft //// | Shaders Mods

For 1. There are some added features. Installation: You need specified version of original minecraft. They are not currently included in mod zip. Manual installation in minecraft. Make a backup of original minecraft. You may want it later. Open minecraft. If you use Forge, copy files from Forge universal zip into minecraft. Copy files from OptiFine zip into minecraft.

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Copy files from ShadersMod zip into minecraft. Run minecraft. Installation for use with Magic Launcher 1. Open Magic Launcher. Click Setup button. Select or create configuration you want to use. If you use Forge, add Forge universal zip. Add OptiFine zip below Forge universal if used together. Add ShadersMod zip below OptiFine. Manual install in minecraft. Separate opaque and semi-transparent shadow depth buffers. Folder structure for shaderpacks [. Water shaders on mac! Better shadows in v2 Depth of field Waving stuff. Bloom Crosspocessing Gamma correction. Glare disabled, more fps!

Ssao removed, more fps! Better reflections! More fps! Easier to edit. Real-time shadows,lens effects,volumetric lightning and reflections! Surfaces become wet and reflective when raining! To change shaders simply replace the content of the shaders folder for another shader preset. Nvidia Users : disable threaded optimisation into the nvidia control panel For 1. Adult Image? Browsing the Latest Snapshot. Browse All Articles 8 Articles. Live Browser.